Partnering to Develop Better Risk Management

The Socio-Technical Risk Analysis (SoTeRiA) Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) at Illinois provides innovative risk management solutions to balance safety and profitability

We develop solutions that build on formal risk-management techniques already used by industry. Our primary focus is to implement proactive risk management approaches that mitigate the resources, time, and money from increasingly critical safety and security threats. In the unlikely event of an accident occurrence, we are advancing post-accident analyses to properly identify human and technical contributing factors that incorporate the results of our research into viable risk management strategies.

Engineering at Illinois’ SoTeRiA-IAP is helping companies to implement comprehensive risk management programs by targeting important risk contributing factors that can influence safety and profitability. As the first Industry Affiliates program for risk analysis in academia, we offer an extensive, transdisciplinary platform for using the latest research methods for real-time risk-detection, mitigation, and risk management with big data applications, while providing risk analysis education. Affiliates work with the SoTeRiA-IAP to build specialized tools for solving challenging problems while developing training programs that help to improve their businesses.

The SoTeRiA-IAP provides PRA-focused industry solutions through:

    • Bridging scientific research and industry challenges;
    • Academic neutrality in research to satisfy regulatory requirements while meeting industry goals;
    • Socio-technical modeling to address the risk that emerges at the interface of human and technical systems;
    • Cost-shared research projects that leverage multidisciplinary expertise and resources;
    • PRA-focused education & training.

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