Research Innovation

Risk-Informed Solutions for Complex Industry Challenges

Nuclear Industry PRA Research Contributions

Seismic Re-Evaluation of NPPs using RoverD

Risk over Determination (RoverD) is the technique accepted by the NRC in 2017 for the safety evaluation of GSI-191 is utilized in seismic re-evaluation of NPPs.

Multi-Unit/Multi-Module PRA

Explicit modeling of dependencies among multiple units at one site, including those caused by organizational factors and program elements.

Common Cause Failure (CCF)

A model-based method to update CCF data, and to improve the realism of CCF probability estimates used in PRA and risk significance determination.

External Control Room Human Reliability Analysis

Developing HRA methods to provide insights where traditional HRA methods lack realism for external control room scenarios (e.g., fire brigade, FLEX Actions).

Diverse and Flexible Coping Strategies (FLEX)

Approaches for risk-informing design alternatives (e.g., storage buildings), and for crediting portable equipment in PRA.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Systematic ERM methodologies for identifying the criticality of short-and-long-term actions, considering the outcomes of cost and safety.

Model-Based System Health Tool

Development of the Watchful Availability and Reliability Notification (WARN) system/health monitoring tool to help managers prioritize necessary maintenance.

Stable Importance Measure (IM)

Development of an advanced IM method to improve the stability of SCC categorization and expand the scope of IM analysis to underlying design parameters.